Corrections Museum Bangkok


As promised, I want to show you guys the Corrections Museum of Bangkok. It is out of the way and in Rommani Nart Park, near Chinatown. The museum consists of cells and devices used in 19th century prisons in Thailand prior to the penal reforms of the early 20th century.


Photography is not allowed in the museum, but I managed to snap a few shots anyway. Had to wait for the attendant to walk around the corner but I think I got a few good pics. Many of the tools looked rather medieval in nature and in fact were quite gruesome, even with wax figurines standing in for inmates.


The entrance is decorated with paintings depicting various methods of execution and torture that are predictably horrifying to view.


Towards the end of the tour there is a complete display of the firing squad set-up.


Wax statues of the guards and the condemned are included, as is the sacred images one was allowed to gaze upon before being executed.


A grim exhibit to be sure, but also a fascinating piece of Thai history. I recommend visiting the museum only if you have a strong stomach. Maybe before lunch as well.

Here is a map to help you find the place.

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