Hiking in Japan-Three Recent Excursions

Well, the cold weather went away and my buddies and I immediately hit the hills. I live in one of the mountainous regions of Japan, which is saying a lot. The good news is that every week I can find a new peak to climb. My first hike of spring was Mt. Kinka in Gifu City. It is only 329m but had a nice basic course that wound around the mountain.

At the top is Gifu Castle, formerly ruled by Oda Nobunaga. (There is also a squirrel village, which I skipped.) The museum inside the castle is packed with katanas and various traditional Japanese weapons. Worth a look for all you history buffs!

Here’s me at the top:


For more info.

Next week we visited Sekigahara, the site of a pivotal battle in the feudal era. The city has a small but extensive museum chronicling the battle plus lots of samurai armor. Not much of a hiking spot, although we stomped around the small hills around the museum.

Here’s me in front:


In case you’re in the area.

Latest hike was Mt. Tado in the Mie prefecture. At 402.72m, it was a 2-hour trek from the station. We stopped at the shrine along the way and found a clearing for lunch. On the way down, we found a natural pool in the river and had a quick dip. Perfect!

Two friends entering the shrine:

This link has a nice map of the hiking course available (in Japanese):

This link has a nice map of the hiking course available (in Japanese).

That’s all the hiking I have done this season. Will try to hit some more peaks this summer. I plan to do some trekking in Thailand and Laos this year, so I will keep in shape in Japan. Need to break in the new shoes!

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