Inaba Shrine-Gifu City 2016

Last week I went hiking around Gifu City and took a walk through Inaba Shrine. This was my second or third time to visit this particular shrine, but I finally read a bit on its history. Built in the year 85AD, it was originally located on the north side of Mt. Kinka. It was moved to its current location in 1539 by Saito Dosan.

Inaba Shrine is the home of the god Inishiki-Irihiko-no-mikoto, husband of Nunoshihime-no-mikoto. I struggled to find more info on these two deities, but not much is written about them. Maybe they aren’t too important in the Shinto mythos. For a more complete list of Shinto deities, check here.

Great way to spend a fall afternoon in Gifu.

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