Khon Kaen-Gateway to Issan

Still planning my summer trip to Thailand and Laos. From Bangers, I plan to hop up to Khon Kaen,the gateway to Issan. I say hop as I haven’t decided whether to take the bus or fly. In any case, Khon Kaen looks like a sizable urban area with a population of 113,000 a few universities. I have read there is an expat scene and some nightlife, but haven’t done any research yet. Any tips?

The Khon Kaen national museum contains archaelogical artifacts from the early history of the region. The anthropology geek in me will try to visit.

Museum info here.

The one thing I must see in the region is the Sanga cobra village in Ban Khok. The locals there train and perform with cobras (daily shows) and so this creepy little boy will have to take a bus from Khon Kaen city center out to the village.

The story goes that the locals raised cobras for medicinal purposes (!?) and then later starting performing for tourists. Apparently, many villagers still keep the deadly snakes under their houses. I should be careful wandering around the town when drunk!

Lonely Planet article.

I’ll wrap up here with a killer video of the cobra shows. This keep us all scared and excited until I visit!

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