Mt. Kinka Part III

Climbed Mt. Kinka (金華山) this weekend with some of the other English teachers. This makes my third trip up the highest mountain in Gifu City, although it is only 329m. We took the long Meizo route which measures 2300m in length and took us about an hour.


By the way, there are four paths to the summit, ranging from 1,100 m (advanced and intermediate trails) to the beginner path of 2,300m that we took.

We were quite sweaty when we reached the peak and stood out in stark contrast to the clean, un-sweaty people who took the ropeway. To be honest, we took the ropeway down as we wanted to see the view. (That’s my official excuse!)


In this picture, you can vaguely make out Mt. Ontake, along the border of Gifu and Nagano prefectures. It was classified as a dormant volcano (休火山) that recently erupted and belched ash all over the area. Over 30 people died from the eruption and clean-up is still in progress. Sad story and scary as I was just in that area last month.

Although we cheated taking the ropeway down, we made up for it by walking 3-4km to downtown Gifu city. And then we replaced all the calories we burned that day with a big dinner.


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