Phimai Historical Park

After a couple of days in Buriram, we headed over to Korat (Nakhon Ratchisima) and got a chance to visit yet another Khmer ruin-Phimai. This structure is a Mahayana Buddhist temple, which is odd as the Khmer were primarily Hindu at the time (although images of Hinud deities were added later). And, due to the resemblance, it believed to be a prototype for Angkor Wat.

Construction was begun in the late 10th century by King Jayavarman V and completed King Suriyavarman I in the early 11th century. The naga bridge at the entrance symbolizes the ascent from earth to heaven. Also, the bridge is on the southern side (facing Angkor in Cambodia), which is strange as most Khmer temples face east.

This rectangular structure is 655 meters wide and 1,033 long.

The region was absorbed into the Khmer empire around 1000AD and was a commercial center for about 300 years. It later became part of Thailand as the Khmer Empire (Cambodia) faded and lost much of its territory.

Another naga serpent at the entrance.


From Korat city center, there are buses to Phimai running every 30 min. from 6AM-10PM. I was in a group of three so we took a taxi. For more travel info, check here

Also, some video I shot of the grounds:

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