Prasat Muang Tam-Khmer Ruin Isaan 2015


Right next to Phanom Rung is Muang Tam, another Khmer ruin. Built in the 10th and 11th centuries, it consists of two libraries and a central sanctuary arranged in a concentric fashion. Also, the site had five towers, with four now standing.

This building was built in honor of Shiva but there are images of Vishnu as well.


The main structure is a rectangle, measuring 120×127 meters. Muang Tam is built facing east, which is typical of Khmer temples, to catch the early sunrise (and ruin many of my pictures!).


There are four ponds within the walls. They are protected by naga serpents around the edges. I am not sure what the ponds were for and couldn’t find much info on it.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the Lingam of Shiva. True to Hindu tradition, the central tower contained stone phalluses representing the creative energy of Shiva.

We visited Muang Tam after visiting Phanom Rung and it made a great day of hot, sweaty hiking through two gorgeous pieces of Khmer history.

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