Temples in Vientiane, Laos

It has gotten rather chilly here in Japan so I have not been hiking at all. And I am busy with the fall semester at my schools so no travel. Bit frustrating to a wanderer such as myself. No matter, I will reminisce about my summer trip to Laos.


My friend and I stumbled across a couple of beautiful temples in Vientiane and took a few pics. The first was Wat Si Saket. Lovely architecture that has stood up well against the elements. Wat Si Saket is rather young, having been built in 1818.


The naga or divine snake is from Hindu and Buddhist mythology and is frequently seen in Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia.

By the way, I noticed more Korean and Chinese tourists in Thailand and Laos. They seem to be getting the urge (and money) to travel more around the continent and explore the rich historical sites.


My extroverted friend also starting chatting with some young monks at the second temple, Wat Si Muang. One of them spoke English quite well and they all seemed happy to chat with us. I was hoping to be enlightened with their wisdom, but they mostly talked about the weather and food. They looked incredibly young to one, the oldest being only 19.

Built in 1563, Wat Si Muang is on the road to the Friendship Bridge that connects Thailand to Laos. Although most of the structures are beautiful and in great condition, I chose to take a picture of some broken Buddhas. I thought the collection reminded me of a secondhand shop. Rest assured, the other structures are a bit more photogenic!


These pictures also give me some comfort as Japan goes into its cold winter. Should hang one up near my bed to keep me mentally warm!

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