Vientiane: Five Weeks To Go!

I leave for Thailand in five weeks and plan to make my way up to Laos in 2-3 days. First stop will be the capital city, Vientiane. Reports describe this city as “delightfully relaxed”, particularly in comparison to Bangkok, etc.

As much as I love historical sightseeing, I find it easy to get “templed out” after a couple of days. Nevertheless, I will hit the major sites in town. Buddha Park, a strange collection of Buddhist and Hindu statues of deities and mythological beasts. Sounds great me, although I am uncertain of the historical significance of the place. Find out when I get there!


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Everyone I know raves about Beer Lao, the national beer. I am not a beer snob and don’t understand why some many people hate Singha, but I am looking forward to testing out a few bottles in the evening!


More pics than you really need.

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